Totally Vidya, Life Adventure GuideGreetings! I’m Vidya, a Life Explorer/Adventurer and multipassionate Possibilitarian who thrives on negotiating the twists and turns of this crazy adventure called life. I am a knowledge seeker and funster, and my passion is empowering YOU to get Unstuck; to illuminate that which is hidden from you; to ignite you into inspired action so that YOU feel confident in creating the life of your dreams from a position of self-awareness and empowerment. As a tech and research geek with a spiritual soul, my process is a blend of intuition, instinct, and integrative thinking. I am able to bring together the Heartspace and the Headspace to uncover the blocks or limiting beliefs that might be standing in your way, to create clarity, and give you the necessary momentum to move forward.

My friends often refer to me as their “personal Yoda” and it is to be said that I would likely challenge you to be the very best that you could possibly be. Why do I do this? I truly believe my soul purpose is to serve as a Life Adventure Guide, a light bringer or way shower who illuminates the hidden corners of your mind and heart, and helps you transform your dreams into reality. Lighting you up in that way, lights me up, and that is why I do the work I do when I mentor and coach. My background as an educator and instructor and as an Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer encompasses a range of skills that allows me to address your mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges in a way that is strategic and pragmatic, yet grounded in the deep inner work that needs to be done to truly transform our lives.

So, are you ready to UPLEVEL your life? Are you READY to negotiate the twists and turns of this crazy adventure called Life? Then sign up for Postcards from the Edge and jumpstart your Dream Life with Clarity, Inspiration, and FUN!

Let’s be Adventurers!

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